August 2021: Update on the current situation in Sulawesi

Update August 2021

It would mean so much to us to announce finally: Sea Souls can reopen and receive guests! However, we must continue to exercise patience and this is becoming more and more difficult for us. At the moment, most areas in Indonesia are back in lockdown. The borders are still closed and domestic tourism remains dormant. The Indonesian borders will probably remain closed until the end of the year and our resort will not be allowed to open. Whether and how we can receive guests again this year depends on the current infection rate.


For guests who have received a voucher from us: Since the current situation does not offer any planning security, the vouchers are valid for an unlimited period of time and cannot expire.


We use the time to build a new boat, because our little Pontohi boat was no longer seaworthy and is now resting on the seabed at Sea Souls house reef. In addition to repair work at the resort, we are also exploring new dive sites around Talisei. And most of all we hope to be able to welcome guests again as a diving resort in the foreseeable future. It is still called perseverance!