environmental protection

14.09.2018 Beach cleaning day – free of waste.

As a locally based company, we are committed to maintaining and protecting nature around the island of Bangka. We succeed with regular beach cleaning actions. Together with our guests from Germany and Poland and the inhabitants...more

05.06.2017 500 Mangrove trees planted!

Mangroves grow where no other tree grows: in the tidal range of tropical sea coasts and in brackish estuaries. That makes them unique. Because of there extended brace roots, mangroves slow the tidal currents of high and low...more

03.02.2017 Bye bye plastic!

Indonesia is a country of extreme contrasts: The world's largest island state is known for the best diving spots and a unique flora and fauna. more

26.09.2016 Our environmental project goes into it's second round!

In March 2016 we started our first environmental project with an artificial reef. Already after half a year the success was so great, that we directly enlarged and enhanced our artificial reef. The new construction is a 4...more

04.04.2016 First underwater creatures spotted at our artificial reef!

Only six weeks after the metal rack construction we already discovered the first residents.more

15.03.2016 We care for Bangka's environment!

Our first environmental project started with an artificial reef: a self-built metal rack consisting of iron bars, that look like a tunnel.more