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Creation and philosophy

Renovation of diving centre
Building phase of dive boat Pontohi

With Sea Souls, we wanted to create a small, special dive resort where all guests and employees can live in harmony with themselves and nature. Protection of the environment, the underwater world and the local people are the values closest to our heart. We aim to make our guests truly appreciate the aquatic wildlife and the native population and give them access to the village close to our resort. In this way, we hope to ensure harmonious relations between our guests and the local people. 


The Sea Souls team made it their mission to renovate and open a dive resort on Bangka Island in North Sulawesi. The bungalows and restaurant had been built in 2010 but the former owner never opened the resort. We founded Sea Souls in 2014 and started constructing and renovating that same year. With this project we are fulfilling one of our life-long dreams.


In consultation with the villagers, Sea Souls plans to provide free lessons about nature conservation at the local primary school and to teach English. With this social commitment, we can make the children aware of the importance of the ecosystem and environmental protection. We will also contribute to nature conservation with different underwater projects like building and maintaining reefs. This will in turn help us to nurture our vision that man and nature are one.


Our team
Caro & Steve under water

The Sea Souls team consists of Steve, Carolin (both German), Dolfye (Indonesian) and many hard-working employees from Bangka Island and its surroundings. We speak English, Indonesian, and German. Our international team of professionals takes pride in creating a warm, informal atmosphere for our guests.



  • Steve put his heart and soul into diving. In the last years he worked already in Thailand and Europe as a divemaster. He is a PADI Dive Instructor and a Specialty Nitrox Instructor. As the manager of the resort Steve directs all the dive courses and is always happy to have new trainees.



  • After graduating with her bachelor degree in media communication and gaining professional experience in Germany, Carolin is responsible for marketing, sales and communication of Sea Souls Dive Resort. In 2010 she learned diving in Malaysia, she is now a Rescue Diver.



  • With more than 10.000 dives our local divemaster Dolfye has a wealth of experience in the support of diving groups. He knows every corner of Bangkas underwater world and can show you even the smallest creatures. Underwater photographers are certain to get their money’s worth.


The Sea Souls team looks forward to your visit.

Environment Protection

Fastening of broken corals
Our artificial reef is slowly starting to grow.

Artificial Reef



We want to establish new habitats for underwater creatures. That is why we have started our own environmental project: an artificial reef.


We assembled the tunnel-shaped iron construction ashore and then lowered the three parts on a sandy stretch of seabed near our house reef at a depth of 13 metres.


We collected corals that had been torn from natural reefs and fastened them to our metal frame. These corals are slowly starting to grow and reproduce. New life is emerging.


Our artificial reef is made of bent wire mesh and you can dive through it. This sensitive habitat will grow and flourish and attract many new habitants. 


Our Projects


08.04.2021 An important step for our team.

We all have a responsibility to live with our fellow human beings. So that we as a team can receive guests again in the foreseeable future, the entire crew received the first dose of vaccine against the Covid-19 virus today....more

03.01.2021 Book your dream holiday for 2021 now, safe and risk-free!

As the current situation raises many questions when planning your holiday, we would like to make it easier for you to plan your dream trip with the following special offer: - All new bookings and direct bookings receive a 25%...more

01.12.2020 Through December with the Sea Souls advent calendar!

Spectacular underwater shots, dreamlike landscapes and little Sea Souls anecdotes await you from 1st December 2020. Every day we open a little door on our social media channels. Take a look! We look forward to your...more

07.08.2020 Update on entry requirements to Indonesia

Like other vacation regions around the world, Indonesia has been severely affected by the aftermath of the Corona crisis. Sea Souls itself has closed since mid-March - as of today for almost 5 months. An entry ban for foreign...more

18.06.2020 Handmade bamboo souvenirs - made by Steve

Since our resort is still closed due to the Covid-19 regulations, Steve uses the time without guests in the resort sensibly and gets creative: He designs various souvenirs such as lamps or tealight holders from bamboo. Each piece...more

21.03.2020 Statement on the current situation: Save tourism

Dear valued friends and guests both past, present and future, We have been following the current situation, as we are sure all of you have been, globally and locally regarding the COVID-19 Virus that has affected so many over...more

15.02.2020 We are starting in the new season!

It's that time again! The dry season is slowly replacing the rainy season, the dive boats are back in water and we are full of energy to start the new season.   This year too, our guests can expect a unique underwater...more


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