15.08.2017 INTERDIVE 2017: The 5th international diving fair at Lake Constance!

After the BOOT 2017 - the world's most important water sports fair - was a great success for us, we will now also exhibit at the slightly smaller diving fair INTERDIVE. INTERDIVE is a diving, snorkel and travel exhibition in one...more

05.06.2017 500 Mangrove trees planted!

Mangroves grow where no other tree grows: in the tidal range of tropical sea coasts and in brackish estuaries. That makes them unique. Because of there extended brace roots, mangroves slow the tidal currents of high and low...more

28.04.2017 New resident at our artificial reef sighted!

Meanwhile the metal construction on our Sea Souls house reef is more than one year old. And again, our artificial reef has a new great resident we are really proud of: a Painted Frogfish. Frogfish are fascinating creatures...more

27.03.2017 Even more space and comfort for our guests!

We are proudly looking to our new accommodation! Since a few days our fourth beach bungalow with direct sea view has been finished and is now ready to welcome more guests in our beloved resort. The new accommodation is...more

03.02.2017 Bye bye plastic!

Indonesia is a country of extreme contrasts: The world's largest island state is known for the best diving spots and a unique flora and fauna. more

30.11.2016 boot 2017 – The world's largest event in the diving industry!

Come and visit us at boot 2017 – The 48th international boat show in Düsseldorf – and profit from our unique low price trade fair special. Every January a quarter million visitors flock to the largest scene meeting of the water...more

26.09.2016 Our environmental project goes into it's second round!

In March 2016 we started our first environmental project with an artificial reef. Already after half a year the success was so great, that we directly enlarged and enhanced our artificial reef. The new construction is a 4...more